Safety Risk Assessment

Identifies suicidal ideation behaviours to allow health professionals to assess the safety risks to an individual and tailor healthcare accordingly.

1Do you ever think about dying?
2Do you ever think about killing yourself, or wish you were dead?
3When you think about dying, do you have a plan about how to do it?
4Do you have means to carry out your plan?
5History of previous suicide attempts

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The Safety Risk Assessment provides a structured approach based on 7 items to help providers to integrate suicide prevention strategies into individual healthcare.

This is a self-administered questionnaire where the items focus on suicidal ideation, personal history of previous suicide attempts and assessment of current intent and plans.

Assessing risk is just one part of the overall process used by the SRA, with a focus on:

  • Assessment of mental health:
  • Previous self-harm or suicide attempts.
  • Age, gender, social situation.
  • Relationships which may be supportive/protective, or which may pose a threat (abuse or neglect). Recent changes to relationships or social situation may be significant.
  • Access to lethal methods.

Specialty: Preventive Medicine

Abbreviation: SRA